Lymph node biopsy surgery today.  I was anaesthetised & went down for surgery.  They injected a blue dye into my boob to track the lymph nodes, which I was told would make me pee blue for the next day or 2, could have a blue tinge to my complexion and I would have a blue mark on my boob for up to a year!  The Consultant (who is absolutely lovely) said I would look Smurfy!

Apparently the surgery went well and he said the biopsy results from the second lump were the same as first lump and that they’d been growing alongside each other.  The plan will remain the same.  He said visually it didn’t look as though the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes he’d removed either but that they would have to wait for the lab results to confirm this.  The Oncologist would have the results at my meeting with him next week.

I felt quite groggy for a while but after 3 coffees and some lunch perked up enough to be let home later in the afternoon.

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