Appointment at the Breast Clinic today.  Mum came with me as Dave had an important meeting & I was pretty sure the lump was a cyst.  The doctor examined me and again said she was pretty sure it was a cyst too but that she would send me for the mammogram and ultrasound anyway.  Well a mammogram is a funny thing!  Probably easier if your boobs are bigger as there’s something to sandwich in the clamplike device.  As it was the nurse struggled to get the relevant part of my breast into the clamp as the lump is actually more on my chest than breast.  After a few squishing attempts she was satisfied and I was sent to the ultrasound room.  The doctor there said that as my breasts were dense (yes like my head), which is generally the case in ‘younger’ women and why they don’t do mammograms for under 50’s, they’d been unable to read it.  She then spent ages doing the ultrasound, by which time I was getting a bit concerned.  Then she said she had found something and wanted to do a biopsy.  OMG the needle was like a meat skewer and it’s not called an biopsy ‘gun’ for nothing!  Mum could here it 2 rooms away!  It wasn’t painful as such, as they anaesthetised me first but it was like being punched in the chest 3 times as they took the samples and then again as they also put a titanium marker in, so they could hopefully see where the lump was on the mammogram (and on further scans) which I would have to have done again.  So back to the mammogram room where after 2 nurses had 12 attempts (apparently a record for them) at having to push and shove me into the clamp they finally found the titanium marker. I was then told to go and wait to see the doctor again.  By this time mum and I were getting worried and I’d been there quite a bit longer than I was told I’d be.  On walking into the doctor’s room a nurse followed us in this time.  Not a good sign I think.  I was then told that there was a possibility it was cancer!!!!

The doctor was lovely and said they would need to send the biopsy samples off and I would get another appointment next week for the results.  She went and checked for a date and time and came back and said it wouldn’t be for another 16 days.  She was very apologetic but said that was the earliest they could do.  That felt like a lifetime away.  She said in the meantime I would be sent for an MRI.  Mum was quite upset when we left, more than I was because I still felt like it was going to be ok.  I called Dave who went very quiet on the phone.  He arrived home later that day, even though he was supposed to be away and was really upset.

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