3o.9.16 C Day

Back at the Breast Clinic and I’m basically shitting myself! Not helped by the fact that my appointment is 30 minutes late.  Dave & I go in to see the Consultant with a Macmillan Nurse!!!!!  I’m told it is cancer.

It’s grade 2 and fast growing (hormone receptor positive – hereinafter called HER2) but they believe in it’s early stages.  I will need surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy but it is curable.  They couldn’t tell me why I had it, I was just unlucky.  They mention a few other words but by this time I’ve switched off a bit because of the shock of it all.  They haven’t had the MRI results (though I’d been assured they’d be sent over the same day).  Dave mentions we have private healthcare through his benefits scheme at work and they tell us that we can use this option if we’d like.  It will slightly speed up the process and I’ll have more options about where & when I have my treatments.  I think to myself it will also free up a space for someone else to have treatment done on the NHS.  They said one of the Consultants there works privately and they would get me an appointment with him asap.  We were then taken into a separate room by the Macmillan Nurse who was fantastic and why Dave and I blubbed reassured us that it was curable and the outlook was positive.  She talked to us for ages about different things and what would happen along the way.

Dave and I then left and made various phone calls to family and then I went and had a very large glass of wine!  On getting home we had a long chat with the boys who reacted as expected (Olly asking questions and Ryan asking if he could go out and play now. LOL) and we reassured them I’d be ok.  We then set about letting our friends know.  I had some amazingly lovely messages from people.

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