Went to see the Consultant today who told me that after reviewing the MRI scan they have discovered I have 2 LUMPS!!  I thought the area had felt lumpier but assumed this was because they had been messing around in the area, so to speak.  The other lump was slightly smaller than the first at 18mm (the first is 23mm) and directly south of the first lump.  Like an upside down number 8!  He explained that because of the HER2 positive result and the second lump the plan had changed.  They want to try and do breast conserving surgery so I’m going to have chemo first, as the latest studies indicate I’m likely to have an even better response to treatment.  This will hopefully shrink the lumps to prevent the need for a mastectomy and then I should just require a lumpectomy followed by the radiotherapy.  While I was there the Consultant said I would need to have another ultrasound and biopsy (my heart sunk at the mention of this again) to investigate the second lump.  I would receive an appointment to see an Oncologist to discuss the chemo and he would have the results of today’s biopsy then.  I would then need a CT scan and lymph node biopsy surgery to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread.  The biopsy wasn’t as bad this time.  They actually used a regular sized needle and it was more of a loud click than a bang.  God knows why the doctor used such a bloody huge skewer before.

Left the appointment in a further state of shock and went home for a large G&T.  This is becoming a habit!

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