Saw my GP today who was lovely and told me she’d give me any support I needed. She’s signed me off work until at least the end of the year, despite me telling her I’d like too try and go into work in between chemo sessions.  She said I would need to see how I react to the chemo for at least a couple of sessions to see if I was able to, as it would make me extremely tired if nothing else.  I haven’t been able to go in much anyway at the moment as I’ve had so many appointments and to be honest I’m shattered as I’m not sleeping well and probably wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly.

I also saw the Oncologist today too.  He confirmed the good news that the CT scan hadn’t shown up any other masses in my body.  I was told the lymph node biopsy would be done on 13 October.  I met my Nurse Specialist who explained more of what would be happening and weighed and measured me, so they’d know the correct amount of chemo drugs to give me.  I’d be having the chemo drugs Docetaxal and Cyclophosphamide, together with Herceptin and Pertuzumab because of it being HER2 positive.  Pertuzumab isn’t yet licensed to be used in the way they want to use it on me so the Oncologist will need to get permission to do this but didn’t see it would be a problem.  He said it’s very expensive.  Dave and I sniggered at this point, as that’s just typical of me to need the most expensive one.  We’ve since found out that the NHS doesn’t use it in this way as it is too expensive and the long term effects haven’t been proven enough yet to warrant them using it for primary breast cancer.  So if I’d gone NHS it probably would have been a mastectomy followed by chemo and radiotherapy.  I will also need to have regular echocardiograms as the Herceptin can cause heart problems so they need to monitor it.  I could also go through the menopause while having the chemo and could develop osteoporosis!  They mentioned a lot of other side effects too, including the fact that I’ll definitely lose my hair.

Came away feeling quite overwhelmed by it all and went to a friend’s for a girls’ night and had quite a few glasses of much needed wine.  This really is becoming a habit!

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