24.10.16 – Day 1 of chemo

Really nervous this morning.  I’m having my first session of chemo over 3 days, as they need to ensure I’m not allergic to any of the drugs, so they give one today and tomorrow and then Wednesday the 2 actual chemo drugs.

Today is Pertuzumab day – the expensive one!  The first attempt at getting the cannula in my vein didn’t work, so they wrapped a heat pad around my arm and then hey presto a more prominent vein appeared!  Saline first to flush the vein through.  They then injected me with Piriton (so if I do have an allergic reaction, it shouldn’t be as bad).  It made me really sleepy almost straight away and by the time they put the Pertuzumab in I was dozing off.  Had to stay most of the day to make sure I didn’t react but all went well.  Just felt a bit woozy.

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