Me last weekend

Firstly, thank you to all of you who made comments on Facebook about my blog. It was lovely to read you’d mostly enjoyed but sorry it upset a few.  And yes please feel free to share with whoever. If it helps someone else even better. You can also leave comments on any of the posts if you like. Thanks also to those who have chosen to follow it.

Anyway I’m pleased to say it’s been a much better weekend.  I’ve felt a bit more human  I even made it to Burgess Hill shops!  I like to live life on the edge 😉  I also went to watch Olly play football and he won 13-3, though managed not to score any of them & missed a sitter! Unlike the mighty Steve Sidwell who scored an absolute cracker for the Seagulls.  I got so excited I threw my arms in the air and nearly smashed my new reading light above my head! Andy Murray won his tournament & is now world number 1  so I’m a very happy bunny.  I just feel like I have a head cold now & tire very easily but so much better than I did.  Dave even trusts me to drive now!

I see the Oncologist again on Thursday to see how the first chemo’s gone & whether any of it needs tweaking and then it’s back for round 2 next Tuesday.  Whoopee.





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