Good news! Saw the oncologist today to see how I’d been feeling after the first round of chemo. He had a feel of the lumps & said they’ve shrunk already!  He said they did expect a very good reaction because of the combination of drugs I’m having but I can’t believe they’ve shrunk after only 2 weeks. I did ask if that meant I could have less rounds of chemo but unfortunately not. They need to be sure they blast the lot. Back for round 2 next Tuesday. It’s come round so quick. Came away with a goody bag of drugs for my sore mouth & gastric problems. I’m rattling like a good en now.

Have had quite a good week. Managed to get a bit of a cough & cold but don’t feel too bad. It’s the tiredness that’s the hardest. It doesn’t take a lot to wear me out. I’ve met up with a couple of friends & been to Tesco! Off to a Breast Cancer Now Christmas shopping event this evening.

Worse thing this week is that I’m starting to lose my hair now. Not in clumps but quite a bit of shedding. Not going to cut it short, as my hair looks hideous short (as those of you that have known me since school will remember). Dave’s going to use the clippers on me. Hoping I’ll look more like Sinead O’Connor than Kojak!

6 thoughts on “10.11.16

  1. I’m loving this blog, you lovely positive lady you! Have you thought about a career in writing or journalism? You definitely have a lovely writing style, it’s a real pleasure to read. xxxx

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  2. That’s great new hun glad it’s working!!! Libby’s hair started off like that just a bit coming out when I brushed and then each day it got more and more. Broke my heart to see but she was so cool about it. Good news is it’s winter now so wooly hat season xx

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  3. It was lovely to see you last night and nothing will change you from being you. It sounds as though things are going really well and we are all rooting for you. Thinking of you for next week. 💕Xx

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