So yesterday the hair came off! The shedding had been getting worse over the last few days and when I washed it yesterday morning it was coming out in clumps and had all matted together. I was dreading doing it but knew it had to go at some point. I was actually a lot better once it was being done than I thought; helped by the fact the boys were joking about it as Dave was shaving it. I have a wig and hats which helped I think. I find it quite hard to look at myself in the mirror for too long as it’s so not me but I guess it’ll get easier. I’ve kept a few ringlets as I may never get my curls back like that again.  I’ll save on haircuts, colouring, shampoo’ conditioner & styling products for a while though. Every cloud & all that.

11 thoughts on “14.11.16

  1. Well done hun that must have been tough but you look absolutely gorgeous in your ‘new hair’ and I love the hat. You really are amazing with how strong and brave you are being, and Dave and the boys! Sending loads of love as always xxxxx

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  2. Hey you look great Lisa! yes its different but what a great wig..funny I had visions of you getting a bright green wig. hehe. Brave lady .. well done lovely lady xxxx

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  3. You look lovely, Lisa, don’t you worry about it. It won’t be long before it’s all grown back, it could be long and straight like you’ve always fancied! xxxx

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  4. Your an inspiration to many ! That was a huge decision but wow wow wow you look amazing !! Much better to be in control than that sinking feeling as more comes out . Xxx

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  5. Such an amazing lady you are Lisa to do this blog along side the thought journey you are already facing! So brave making this decision but wow the wig is very glam – you’ll have to forgive people if they don’t recognise you when you are out! Stay strong beautiful lady, one day you’ll be able to look back on all this with your head held high and two fingers stuck up to the C word!! Xxx

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  6. Straight hair!!!! I have to say though that you actually rock that headscarf. Very stylish indeed.
    Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have some curls back in no time.xxx

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