Well 2 weeks on from my last chemo and I’m feeling much better!  I made it out for a meal for Olly’s birthday on Friday, got to the Amex on Saturday to watch Brighton (which at half time I was regretting because we were playing pants but then they redeemed themselves and won), got to watch Olly play football Sunday and then went to the garden centre to see all the gorgeous Christmas stuff. By last night though I was exhausted & went to bed at 9pm. Need to remember to take it a bit easier I think. I can go places but am meant to avoid public transport & anywhere or anyone that is likely to have germs. I’m also not allowed any foods that might cause infections. Things like soft cheeses (no goat’s cheese 😭), whippy ice cream (thank God it’s not summer – no 99s 😵), pate and raw egg. It’s like being pregnant again. You even get the nausea, strange taste & sense of smell to go with it.

Tomorrow I’m off to a Look Good Feel Better workshop in Brighton.  A team of beauty volunteers guide you through a 12-step skincare and make-up regime, with hints and tips on how best to apply each product, especially to key ‘problem’ areas resulting from cancer treatment, such as re-defining the eye area when you have lost brows and lashes, which I haven’t yet thankfully but I’m expecting them to go at some point. You also get a bag of goodies apparently.

Going to try and make the most of this week before chemo 3 next Tuesday. 😩

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