Thought I’d better update this now as I have blood tests tomorrow & chemo 3 on Tuesday & if it’s anything like last time I’ll be out of action for a few days.

I’ve had a busy week meeting friends & shopping as I’ve felt pretty good this week. Trying to make the most of it but trying to stay away from germs at the same time. I’ve antibac’d my hands like a demon! My tastebuds seem to be back to normal & I’ve just managed a cup of tea & enjoyed it for the first time in weeks. Might even try a cheeky sherry before my roast later!

Ill be back soon. X

4 thoughts on “4.12.16

  1. Yay, your first cuppa! You’ve been amazing this week hun, so great to see you out and about a lot more. Sending lots of love for Tuesday xxx

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