Well I’m slowly emerging from my chemo pit again. Feel slightly better each day. The dreaded diarrhoea (DD) hasn’t been as bad this time thankfully. The first few days after chemo I seem to be completely wiped out & just lay in bed not sleeping but unable to open my eyes, not wanting to eat or drink anything but being forced to by Nurse Dave. I feel nauseous but thanks to the anti-sickness tablets I haven’t actually been sick yet. I’m now just having occasional DD & the mouth ulcers/blisters are back along with the gastric problems. Apparently it’s called oral & gastrointestinal mucositis. Chemo seems to destroy everything in your body, except my long term acne, which it appears nothing known to mankind seems to be able to destroy & is therefore obviously a medical marvel.

Hopefully I’ll avoid all these dreaded cold & stomach bugs that seem to be doing the rounds & can enjoy a few festive celebrations.  It’s horrible having to check that everyone you come into contact with is germ free but I really don’t want to be in hospital at Christmas.  I’ve got my work do, ice skating, a Brighton match & a couple of gatherings with friends I really don’t want to miss. I seem to only want/enjoy alcohol in the last few days before the next chemo (which is 29th December) so hopefully I’ll enjoyed a festive tipple or 2.

I see the Oncologist again on Friday so I’ll keep you posted.



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