I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas. I’ve had a fairly good couple of weeks. Had a couple of days where my stomach played up again but thankfully didn’t end up in hospital this time. Bit of advice for the new year. Buy shares in Imodium & Dioralyte as they’re doing a roaring trade at the moment! My spots have been awful. Can’t believe chemo doesn’t kill them off. You’re meant to get really dry skin during chemo but the only skin that’s dry are the corners of my mouth which are really painful & keep splitting.

I managed to go ice skating at the Brighton Pavilion which was fantastic, been on a few lovely dog walks, been ten pin bowling,  met with friends Xmas Eve and today got to watch Brighton beat QPR 3-0!😀🎉

Christmas Day we decided to just have dinner the 4 of us, in case I wasn’t well enough to go anywhere or other family members were ill & therefore I’d be unable to go there. In the end I and they were fine & we popped in to my sister-in-law’s & my suster’s too, so saw all the family which was lovely. Only thing is Nurse Dave selfishly became ill during the course of Xmas day with man flu & has spent the last couple of days in bed & on the sofa. He’s been getting his own back & getting me to nurse him now. As long as he’s better by Thursday when I’ve got my next chemo. We’re running a nurse tag team. Would have been nice to spend some of the Xmas/new year period with us all feeling well but it obviously wasn’t meant to be.

I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year now as I’ll be in my chemo pit New Year’s Eve. I’m hoping this time next year all this will be over with & I’ll be able to celebrate the festivities properly. Xxxxxxxxxx

6 thoughts on “27.12.16

  1. Glad to hear the Albion won today and that you had a good Christmas. You’re half way through this and you can definitely beat it. Best wishes to you, Dave and the boys for the new year. Love Laura, Steve, Amy and Maisie. Xxx💕

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  2. hello beautiful, glad you managed to see the footie XX Here’s to 2017 Lisa. Have a great New Year and see you in 2017 fit and healthy XXXXX


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