A belated happy new year to you all. Well I’m a week on since my last chemo. I didn’t feel quite as exhausted as the times before (as they’ve lowered the dose of the main chemo drug slightly) but was still laid up in bed for 3 days. I was quite glad it was Christmas  and there were films o as I just lay in bed with my eyes shut (too exhausted to open them most of the time) listening to films I’d seen before: Labyrinth, League of their Own, What Women Want and Lion King. New Years Eve I was asleep by 8pm!! Those first few days are really horrible & I get quite down about it all but as I start to feel a bit better I get a bit more positive again & I only have 2 more chemo’s to go now.  Though obviously I’ve still got surgery, radio and ongoing drugs but I’m hoping the chemo’s the worst bit.  Thankfully my beloved Seagulls are doing fantastically well and that’s really keeping my spirits up.

Poor Dave suffered with his man flu throughout the Christmas & new year period, so the house wasn’t exactly full of the festivities of the season this year. The boys have been absolutely brilliant with it all though. No complaining because we weren’t going out doing things and they just got on with it. They were lucky to be taken to Urban Jump Trampoline Park and the cinema by the Halls though, which probably broke up the boredom.

I was just starting to feel better yesterday but today I’ve woken up with my nose streaming and feeling more exhausted than yesterday.  Thought I’d got away with it. Hopefully it won’t turn into an infection.  I’ve another appointment with the oncologist next Friday to see how I’m getting on and then chemo 3 is currently scheduled for 19 January.

4 thoughts on “5.1.17

  1. So nearly there now, keep up the positive thoughts and stay strong. You are more than entitled to a day in bed or 3 it’s the best way to get fixed quick! Wish my gunners where playing the way and getting the results that the Albion are, and long may that continue xx

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  2. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be positive but you’re doing a great job of it! You are never far from my thoughts and we are always here if anything is needed.
    Sending all my love
    Ems xxx


  3. Your doing so well Lisa you are amazing! Only two more chemos to go!! Sorry you were laid up over New Year but I”m sure you’ll make up for it this year when its all over and you can get back to normal 😀 Sending lots if love your way as always xxxx

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