Well we’re into February & I’ve only got 1 chemo to go now. Whoop whoop!   After chemo 5 I haven’t reacted quite so badly as normal (so far!). I still spent 3 days in bed but I wasn’t so exhausted & the side effects aren’t as bad (unless I’ve just got used to them!). My skin infection cleared up but the spots are starting to come back again, so I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into an infection again. My bones are aching, especially my thighs, due to the bone marrow being affected.  I get tireder & more out of breath after each chemo and can only manage one walk a day with Fraser now but really I can’t complain. I’ve been getting out and about a bit to see friends which is lovely and I’m looking forward to a meal with work colleagues this evening.

I had an echocardiogram Monday to check my heart is still OK, as the Herceptin I’m on can cause long term heart problems. I was a bit concerned as I’d had a bit of chest pain & palpitations but thankfully it went well & my heart is still looking healthy.  Though if Brighton end up in the play offs again that could all change!

Yesterday I saw the surgeon & had an ultrasound. The lumps have completely gone!!!! I might have to change the blog name to Lumpless!  The plan is now is for an MRI (the dreaded laying on my front like superman with my head and boobs through holes – so bizarre) to double check I’m all clear and then to do surgery on 9 or 10 March to remove the titanium markers they put in when they found the lumps initially & also to remove a centimetre of tissue around them to make sure they’ve got all the cancerous cells. Hopefully the surgery won’t be too invasive and I shouldn’t have too much of a scar which is great news. I should only need to stay in hospital for one night & then radiotherapy will start a month later.

Chemo 6 THE LAST ONE is next Thursday 9 February, so unless there’s any other developments I’ll post again after that. Thanks to all for your support & well wishes so far. It really helps. xxxx

10 thoughts on “1.2.17

  1. That all sounds really really positive Lisa! Fantastic news that the lumps have gone 😀 You have been and still are being amazingly brave and strong through this whole ordeal,you should be so proud of how you, and the lovely men/boys in the house have all dealt with this. Sending loads of love as always ro you all. Keep going! Vicki 😘😘😘

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  2. This is brilliant news, Lisa!!! Am so pleased to hear it. Well done you! You’ve been so amazingly positive the whole way through. You’re a fab, lovely lady……xxxxxxxxxx

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  3. You are one amazing lady, keep going nearly the end of kicking this one in the large one…. get some holiday brochures and start planning X big hugs stay positive and strong XXXXX


  4. Sending you all my love and luck for Thursday! Last one my lovely, woo hoo!
    Admire your strength and positivity so much – go supergal not man! Xxxxxxx


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