I’ve had my final chemo!  Woohoo!  I’m glad the last 2 weren’t my first 2 as they had real problems finding a vein they could put the cannula in.  I’m not great with needles at the best of times! I was like a pin cushion & covered in bruises.  I’ve just got to go back every 3 weeks until October to have the Herceptin injected into my thigh but that should only take about half an hour each time.  I haven’t been feeling too bad & am managing to get out & about for a while. At long last I’m hoping to get to see Brighton at the weekend. I hate not being able to go.  I get worn out quickly & my legs ache all the time but generally it’s not too bad. Just hope I stay clear of infections. My hair has started to grow back a bit and is all soft & fluffy but that started before my last chemo so it may go again.  My eyebrows have nearly gone completely now but most of my lashes are hanging on. The body hair is starting to come back a bit too. I might have to dust off my razor soon!

I’ve been given a date of 14 March for my surgery but should only have to stay in for one night.  I need to have an MRI beforehand to make sure I’m all clear.  Then radiotherapy will start approximately a month later.


3 thoughts on “20.2.17

  1. Wonderful news Lisa, you must feel like you have turned the corner now and are on the home straight. So admire you and your family to have got through this so courageously. See you very soon for our long awaited dog walk xxxxx


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