I’m now 4 weeks on from my last chemo and not feeling too bad. Still have aching legs & get tired quite quickly but not as bad as before. My nails are breaking off halfway down my nail bed though which is painful & looks awful. I’ve lost more eyebrow hair & lashes but head hair & body hair is still growing back slowly.

I had my first 15 minute Herceptin (which is the cancer medication that interferes with the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body) injection into my thigh last week which went ok. They’ll continue that every 3 weeks now until November. My surgery is next Tuesday, so this week I’ve had my MRI scan (Superman pose lying down with boobs & head through holes – very bizarre & bloody uncomfortable!). Get the results of that before the surgery next week. I’ve also had my pre assessment which was all ok & next Monday I have to have guide wires put in using ultrasound to show the surgeon where to go to remove the markers & some tissue. That’s done under local anaesthetic which I’m not looking forward to! A week after surgery I should see the surgeon with the results from the tissue that’ll be sent away. Then I see the oncologist to discuss radiotherapy which should be 4-6 weeks after the op. It’s all go now! I have contemplated moving into the hospital as I’m back & forth to it constantly. Plus they feed me, there’s no housework to be done & its peaceful!

Meanwhile I’ve been busy going to watch the Albion twice (good & very bad there) & to a 40th birthday party where I managed some dancing but paid for it the next day. Dave has now taken the boys skiing for a few days & I’ll be going to watch Brighton win 🙏🏻, another 40th party & afternoon tea before being out of action again for a while after the surgery.

Everyone keeps saying how well I look but they only see me in wig & make-up. This is the reality before & after.



9 thoughts on “9.3.17

  1. Lisa you are such an amazing lady!! I think you look gorgeous in both photos! Keep going hun your so nearly there and doing so well!!! Sending loads of love as always Vicki xxxxxx

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  2. Thinking of you and think what you’re doing in sharing your experience is brave and good as it will help other people who may be going through the same and also gives people an understanding of what is involved and the reality of treatment.
    My love to you all and so glad you’ve got the chemo over.xx

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  3. You are beautiful in both photos so shhuushhh. Keep hanging in there, this will all be a shitty distant memory very soon. Hope the boys have a wonderful time, and you keep yourself busy while they are away. Lots of love and positiveness coming your way lovely xxxxxxxx

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  4. You are absolutely beautiful inside and out ❤️❤️❤️You are truly remarkable Lisa , keep fighting, look how far you have come , hurry up your sangria going start getting warm loads of love xxxxxx

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  5. Not long now babe and this whole nightmare will be behind you and you can carry on enjoying life! Hope all goes well next week and it’s not too painful. Big hugs xx


  6. Thanks for the update Lisa, glad things are going well for you and sounds like you’ve got some treats planned, which you so deserve – glad Brighton performed for you too! Love and hugs xxxx

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