Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages the last few days. They mean a lot.

Monday I had the guide wires put in,  to enable the surgeon to locate the titanium markers I had put in when they first found the lumps. I had to have 2 local anaesthetic injections into my chest wall (rather painful) and then the radiologist inserted the wires using ultrasound. Then I had mammograms to make sure the wires had gone into the right position. Yet again they had trouble getting an image of the markers as they are more on my chest wall than in my breast, so I was pushed & shoved into the machine numerous times & they still couldn’t locate one of the markers.  The radiologist said the surgeon would have to rely on the ultrasound images instead. Not ideal! He did say that from looking at the MRI images taken last week that he couldn’t see anything to be concerned about. Good news.

On Tuesday morning, after an uncomfortable night’s sleep, I picked the boys up from the airport after their skiing adventure & then in the afternoon went to the hospital for my surgery. On arrival I ordered my food for the evening & following morning, which I was really looking forward to as I hadn’t been allowed anything since breakfast (not good for a grazer like me). I was taken down to theatre at 4.30pm & don’t remember anything until I woke at 6pm. I then felt sick for the rest of the evening & had to have more anti-sickness medication & couldn’t manage any food!! Very unlike me as most of you know. Apparently the surgeon came in to see me but I don’t remember. I actually slept pretty well during the night (good old morphine) but remember the nurse popping in a few times to check up on me. She then woke me properly at 6.30am to do all my checks. The surgeon came in a bit later & said it had gone well and he had found no trace of the lumps and he’d drained the fluid left from the last op. I am due to see him again next week once the tissue that was removed  has been examined.

My chest looks like it’s had 9 rounds with Mike Tyson as I’m now just very bruised & sore & a bit swollen but don’t feel too bad. The actual cut he made doesn’t look too bad so I shouldn’t have too much scarring. Hopefully the results next week will show no cancerous cells.

One thought on “16.3.17

  1. Oh Lisa I am so pleased that that part is now done for you and sounds as though it all went well, although a little uncomfortable!! Take it easy and rest and hopefully you’ll feel a bit less bruised in a few days. Sending lots of love to you all xxxx

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