I’m nearly half way through my radiotherapy & so far all is going well. My appointments are at random times each day, the earliest being 8.54 & the latest 5.54.  The whole process is quite bizarre. You lay on a hard bed (to limit your chances of any movement during the radiotherapy) with your arms above your head in what the nurses call cups. They then line up the tattoos using lasers while shuffling you in all directions (with their always cold hands 😬) to get it exactly right. It has to be within 2mm of the tattoo. They then reel off a load of numbers to each other. I haven’t a clue what they all mean. It’s a bit like being back in a maths class at school! They then leave the room & the linear accelerator (radiotherapy machine) makes various noises & moves around over you for about 5 minutes. It seems like nothing is happening as you don’t feel anything. The nurses then come back in & it’s done!

So far my skin is only a bit pink but the area is quite tender & hard but other than that I’m not feeling too bad.

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