Well today was the last day of my radiotherapy! 🎉🍾🎉🍾 No more daily trips driving down to Brighton thankfully. All has gone well & I haven’t felt too bad. More tired than normal and skin is a bit pink, itchy & a little sore but not as bad as I thought it would be. Though I have been warned it’s at its worst 7-10 days after the final treatment. Right in the middle of my Corfu holiday🙄 Oh joy. I’ll have sunburn before I even see the sun! Will need to drink more alcohol to numb the pain. Went for a meal with Dave & the boys after to celebrate the end of another stage of treatment. Enjoyed a lovely Prosecco cocktail. 🍹  I still need to have 3 weekly injections, blood tests & echocardiograms until November but the main treatment is over.  Saw the oncologist last week who is very happy with how things have gone & pretty much ordered me to have a holiday! My kind of doctor.  So on Saturday off on holiday I shall be going!


11 thoughts on “30.5.17

  1. Great news Lisa, so chuffed for you. Lovely that you have a holiday to look forward too, we love Corfu and are there ourselves, Sidari in the North, in September. Stay strong xx

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  2. What fantastic news, Lisa!! So very pleased for you, have an amazing holiday! Corfu is lovely and weather will be great, so nice for you, Dave and the boys. You really do deserve it! Xxxx

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    1. Dave & the boys aren’t coming! I’m going with mum, dad, my sis & her kids. They had a spare bed in the villa they’ve rented. Don’t feel sorry for the boys though, they went skiing without me in March.


  3. Fantastic news hun glad all the horrid treatment has finished!!! Have a fabulous holiday and enjoy yourself you deserve it xxx

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  4. WHOOOOPPPPEEEE thats brilliant, glad all the nasty treatment is over. You have been amazing and as you said last time i saw you nothing you can do about it, incredible to be as positive as you are…… Have the most amazing holiday you totally deserve it. lots of love XXX

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  5. Enjoy your holiday you deserve it after the past 9 months. You really are one very brave woman and an inspiration to us all. 💕X

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