It’s been a year today since I found my first lump. It’s been one hell of a year & journey but thankfully after all the treatment the cancer is gone. I’ve got 3 more Herceptin injections (one of which is today ironically 🙄) & then, all being well, I’ll be finished. It’ll just be check ups & yearly mammograms.

I returned to work gradually & by the time I was doing my full hours (only 19) I was finding it exhausting. Didn’t help with the fact the kids were off & I seemed to have loads going on. Thankfully my lovely work colleagues decided I was doing too much & made me reduce my hours until after my holiday. One of the things I did do, which contributed to me being tired, was organise an afternoon tea for Breast Cancer Care & we managed to raise £500! Dave also raised over £1200 for them doing Ride London.

I’m feeling more refreshed after my holiday to beautiful Lake Annecy & am gradually getting my energy back. My hair’s getting longer but despite my wish for dead straight hair there’s definitely a wave there 😩

2 thoughts on “7.9.17

  1. The most beautiful wavy hair I’ve ever seen – glad your hols were a success and well done guys for the brilliant effort in raising all that money, you are an inspiration. I’ll be in touch soon about oct get together with lewes gals xx

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