19.10.17 The Last Entry

Well today was my final blood test & herceptin injection & so the end of my treatment! Hoobloodyrah! 🎉🍾. It’s been a hell of a year but thankfully I’m clear of cancer now.

In myself I’m doing ok but have managed to pick up 3 colds in the last couple of months & this latest one has turned into a chest infection, so I’ve been signed off work & put on antibiotics.  They weren’t kidding when they said it takes a long time for your immune system to recover!

I’ve got one more echocardiogram to check the herceptin hasn’t damaged my heart & a follow up appointment with the oncologist in November but after that, all being well, it’ll just be twice yearly check ups.

In November I start a 4 week course run by Breast Cancer Care and NHS hospitals. There are expert speakers and they provide information, support and professional guidance on how to cope with and adjust to life after breast cancer treatment.

My hair is slowly growing back. It’s not curly yet but there’s definitely a wave there. My dream of straight hair has gone out of the window 😩

I don’t want to preach to everyone but please be breast aware. During the past year while I’ve been having treatment, 2 other ladies I know have also been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s now 1 in 8 women who get diagnosed, so it’s far too common.

As this is my last post I’d just like to say a huge huge thank you to everyone for all your amazing support and help through it all. You’ve made the journey so much easier.

Love & best wishes to you all. xxxxxx

9 thoughts on “19.10.17 The Last Entry

  1. Great news Lisa. Youve come a long way and it still looks like your coping with the aftermath. You have been incredibly strong throughout and I know the boys have been a great comfort to you..you have also been an inspiration to us all on how to fight and keep going Xxx

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  2. Having closely foĺlowed your treatment I am only too pleased that this is a happy ending rather than an obituary Lisa. Now you can return to being one our permanent SWC Wags lol
    Kind Regards


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  3. lisa you have coped so well this last year , it’s been lovely to read your posts and this is the best one so far , Lots for you to look forward to now xx

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  4. Whoop whooop!! Great news and a real reminder to everyone that it can strike anyone at anytime. We are so relieved for you all, and I just want to say, I actually think you suit your hair short…. xxxxxx

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  5. Ahh, lovely positive sign-off Lisa – you’ll be pleased to know I was sitting in bed (Aaron asleep next to me – it’s an inset day!) checking my breasts as I read your last post and all seems ok!! It was great to see you and everyone the other Sunday, you were looking fab (sorry about the colds, hope you didn’t catch any there!) and your boys are an absolute credit to you, so handsome, polite and chatty, really lovey young men – oh and Dave too!! You take care and build that immune system back up, stronger than ever and good luck with last scan – fingers crossed all is how it should be. Lots of love, Dawn and family xxxx

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  6. Such a lovely post to read! You have been absolutely amazing over this last year and your blog has been hard but good to read to follow how you were doing. You have been an inspiration to all and I am definitely checking myself a lot more than I had done before! Time now to put all this behind you and look forward to your happy and healthy future! Your hair looks amazing and so do you. Also well done to your lovely hubby and boys for being incredible through this whole ordeal, you must be as proud of them as they are of you. Lots of love to you all Vicki xxxx

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  7. So pleased to hear you’re clear of the horrid disease hun! You must be so relieved it’s finally all behind you and you can get on with the rest of your life!!! Libby took a good 6mths for her immune system to get back to normal. And yes it’s good to make people aware as it’s getting more and more common sadly!!! My friend from work just started her treatment this week 😢 take care hun xx

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